Watch It Again: ‘Managing People In A Virtual World’ Webinar | The People Department
Watch It Again: ‘Managing People In A Virtual World’ Webinar

Watch It Again: ‘Managing People In A Virtual World’ Webinar

Hosted by Amy Green, Learning & Development Trainer at The People Department, the session explores the effects of how, across the world, people have made the move to home and remote working.

Many commentators and experts are asking whether this could represent a permanent shift towards an alternative working life after lockdown. If so, how can we overcome the unique challenges this presents in terms of maintaining engagement and productivity in this new world?

In this course you will learn some top tips to managing your team remotely alongside some thought provoking considerations about how these changes could shape your business after lockdown.

Watch now for seven simple, practical tips to help you overcome these new challenges, and transition smoothly into and out of virtual management.

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09 June 2020