How mortgage firms can improve recruitment and training of staff in firms

To attract talent you need to present your business at its best, have a clear and informative job advert, provide company information on your web site and case studies from current staff, a social media presence can also help to give candidates a flavour of your business. 

Give prospective employees a realistic job preview at the recruitment stage, with a clear job description, don’t oversell the job or minimise aspects of the role.  Remember the most cited reasons for people leaving a job is due to ‘their boss’ so let them meet their prospective new Manager.  Be flexible wherever possible, consider home working arrangements and accommodate individual preferences on working hours and times.  

Ensure you assess the candidate’s ability to perform the role, instead of an informal chat, consider a role play or technical test to measure if their skills and experience match their CV.

Once on board, it’s essential to maximise opportunities for employees to develop their skills and career, this will ensure growth and stability.  On top of a fair remuneration package, top talent will be looking for career conversations to set out a clear career path.  Don’t be afraid to have discussions about what’s the next step, where are they going and what’s expected of them.  

A successful mentor relationship could help support staff by offering advice, encouraging reflection and developing knowledge and skills for future success.  


Kate Sparkes

17 May 2019